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The Diablos are a Puerto Rican gang. They are a fairly small gang, and not very well armed. The leader of the Diablos is El Burro (who has been under observation by police since 1997, as mentioned in GTA III's official website). The only activities known to be associated with the Diablos are street violence and pornography,[23] although they had also been known to engage in gun battles with the Liberty City Triads.[24] They also appear to be having spats with the Yardies for dissing Queen Lizzy,[25] and with the Yakuza for trying to steal some protection money, both times ending up in the slaughter of a large number of Diablo gang members.

Diablo members are seen wearing dark blue jackets donning the Diablos gang logo (a yellow crown) at the back, long pants and bandanas. In GTA:LCS, Diablos members don fishnets or red skullcaps on their heads, red shirts, and black or brown pants.