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Games: GTA III
GTA Liberty City Stories
GTA Advance
Leader: El Burro
Type: Hispanic Street Gang
Enemies: Leone Family, Triads, Yardies, Yakuza
Vehicles: Diablo Stallion
Weapons: GTA III: Baseball Bat, Pistol
GTA: LCS: Baseball Bat, Fire Axe, Pistol
Businesses: Car racing, burglary and pornography

The Diablos are a Puerto Rican gang. They are a fairly small gang, and not very well armed. The leader of the Diablos is El Burro (who has been under observation by police since 1997, as mentioned in GTA III's official website). The only activities known to be associated with the Diablos are street violence and pornography, although they had also been known to engage in gun battles with the Liberty City Triads. They also appear to be having spats with the Yardies for dissing Queen Lizzy, and with the Yakuza for trying to steal some protection money, both times ending up in the slaughter of a large number of Diablo gang members.

The Diablos play an important role in Grand Theft Auto: Liberty City Stories being one of the gangs used by the Sicilian Mafia to attack interests of the Leone Family. They are first seen when Toni Cipriani is enlisted to follow Massimo Torini, then a member of the Leone family after Salvatore Leone suspected somebody was betraying him. Massimo meets with a group of Diablos at Hepburn Heights and tells them that if they worked with his associates (later revealed to be the Sicilian Mafia) Hepburn Heights would belong to them. The Diablos then attacked the Leone family goons in a large scale battle that takes place in Hepburn Heights, where the Leones are overwhelmed by a large quantity of Diablos armed with MAC-10 sub machine guns. Following the fight the Diablos seize control of Hepburn Heights.

Diablo members are seen wearing dark blue jackets donning the Diablo's gang logo (a yellow crown) on the back, long pants and bandanas. In GTA:LCS, Diablos members don fishnets or red skullcaps on their heads, red shirts, and black or brown pants. They drive Diablo Stallions.