Diamonds in the Rough

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Diamonds in the Rough
Game [[The Lost and Damned|The Lost and Damned]][[Appearance::The Lost and Damned| ]]
For Ray Boccino
Location Drusilla's, Algonquin
Reward None

Ashley Butler calls Johnny and tells her that Ray needs his help. Ray explains that Anthony "Gay Tony" Prince, and his bodyguard Luis Fernando Lopez, are gaining some diamonds and he wants them.

Johnny then meets up with a group of the Lost, and proceeds to crash the diamond deal. After a brief struggle Johnny and a few members proceed to follow a Stretch carrying the diamonds, and instructs another group of Lost Members to follow Gay Tony and Luis.

After gaining the diamonds Ray instructs Johnny to place half of the diamonds in two different trash bags to 'be picked up by my boys'.

As the mission ends it is shown that all the Lost Members who went after Luis and Gay Tony died, which leads further proof to Luis becoming the next DLC protagonist.