Dirty Lickin's

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Dirty Lickin's
Game GTA Vice City
For Auntie Poulet
Target Cubans
Reward $5,000

Dirty Lickin's is a mission for Auntie Poulet in which the player must snipe Cubans while they are in the midst of a battle with some Haitians.



Auntie Poulet has another task for you to do. She wants you to make sure that the Haitians defeat the Cubans in a gang war. In order to do so, you must kill the Cubans with a sniper rifle

The Mission

Get a car and drive to the blip indicated on your minimap. There is an adrenaline pill nearby that you can use to make gameplay slower. When you stand in the pink marker, make sure that you remain unseen while you snipe the Cubans. Make sure that some of the Haitians live, otherwise you fail the mission. The Cubans will bring reinforcements during the battle, so be prepared to look around for a few more Cubans.


Tommy: Hello? Hello - uh...I'm looking for somebody around here...

Auntie Poulet: You looking hungry, Tommy.

Tommy: Do I know you?

Auntie Poulet: Hush now. One more thing an I can let you go, Tommy. My boys gone war with dem boys. But no guns. While they fight in the streets, you take this rifle. No one sees you, no one hear you. Now Tommy, you do this for me, and you no longer tied to my apron strings.

Tommy: Kay Auntie...