Do You Have Protection?

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Do You Have Protection?
For Mikhail Faustin
Target Joseph and his video making buddies
Location Hove Beach
Reward Free Micro-SMG
Unlocks Final Destination
Unlocked by Crime & Punishment

Do You Have Protection? is a mission from Mikhail Faustin. However, the person who is assisting you in the mission is Faustin's best friend and second-in-command of the Russian Mafia, Dimitri Rascalov. This is the mission where Dimitri introduces back-alley gun shops and organized crime to Niko.


Mikhail Faustin gets control over all money in Hove Beach, but one video maker (Joseph) refuses to pay Faustin. Dimitri Rascalov and Niko Bellic go over to the sex shop ("The Peep Hole") in Hove Beach and beat up Joseph's buddies, taking the money as well (for Faustin). Dimitri introduces Niko to the gun shop and to organized crime.


Once the cutscene closes, you should be outside with Dimitri. Get in a car with Dimitri. Drive him to the "porn" shop in Hove Beach. On the way, Dimitri will explain that Faustin does not receive a cut of the money of a porn video that Joseph and his buddies are working on. Faustin wants Bellic and Rascalov to take out Joseph and his buddies and steal their cut.

Go down the stairs and watch the cutscene. After the cutscene, target Joseph with the new pistol Dimitri lent you. After their talk, move left and target one of Joseph's buddies. Shoot him in the leg to show Joseph that Dimitri means business. Joseph walks up to Rascalov, gives him the cut, then Dimitri knocks out Joseph.

If you want, shoot the last guy that kneels on the floor and begs for forgiveness. Either way, lead Dimitri out of the shop and back into the car. Drive to the Gun Shop in Downtown Broker. Buy a Micro-SMG. Niko won't be charged for the purchase, it will come out of Mikhail Faustin's credit card.

Drive Dimitri back to Faustin's mansion in Beachgate, Broker and collect a small earning for a good job.

The Peep Hole

Joseph's shop is open at all times, before the mission and after. It has a wide selection of magazine covers and several TV monitors, all of which have sexy images. A player character can't buy anything, but can hide from the cops at a one-star wanted level (although a cop may wander in after a few minutes). If the player attacks or threatens anyone, cops will come quickly. They will also be quick to search the shop at a wanted level of two stars or more.