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Dumpsters are large bins used for storing waste and rubbish. Dumpsters have appeared in all GTA Games but only in Grand Theft Auto: Chinatown Wars have thay had an actual intended use. In Chinatown Wars, the player can go up to a red or green dumpster to search it. A minigame will start in which the player remves trash bags from the dumpster t find items. Green dumpsters contain a number of items, whilst red dumpsters contain weapons hidden by the Triads. Once a dumpster has been searched, you can come back to it some time later to searh it again.

Dumpster Types

Green Dumpster

These dumpsters contain an odd assortment of items, many of which do nothing:

  • Hotdog: Restores the players health to full.
  • Hamburger: Restores the player health to full.
  • Mouldy Hotdog: The player can eat it, but it does nothing.
  • Mouldy Hamburger: The player can eat it, but it does nothing.
  • $10 Note: Gives the player $10.
  • Dildo: Does nothing.
  • Boot: Does nothing.
  • Fish Head: Does nothing.
  • Condom: Does nothing.

Red Dumpsters

These dumpstere contain weapons that the Triads store around the city for emergencies. You can get the following weapons out of them: