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Dwayne Forge is a character in Grand Theft Auto IV.

Dwayne Forge is an African-American gangster, recently released from prison after a lengthy stint for possession with intent to distribute, according to the L.C.P.D. criminal database. He formerly ran the biggest crack cocaine empire, the North Holland Hustlers, in Bohan and Algonquin, perhaps in the entirety of Liberty City. Dwayne claims that at one point he needed to rent out entire apartments just to store the millions of dollars he had saved up. It is assumed that he was arrested in the early-to-mid 1990's.

Since his incarceration, the world has changed completely. His empire has been usurped by his former protege Playboy X, who now puts him off on one excuse or another, no longer having any interest in hanging wit him. Forge's girlfriend has also left him for a former police informant, and the Triangle Club that Dwayne used to run has been taken over by Latino gangsters. Forge is extremely depressed and thinks about committing suicide frequently. Playboy X eventually pays Niko Bellic to befriend Dwayne, but Niko genuinely conencts with the man as both have been through a lot and has a distaste for others.

Eventually, Dwayne has Niko help him slowly put his old gang back together by killing old enemies and reclaiming the Triangle Club. However, Dwayne also begins to talk trash about Playboy behind his back and cause problems for Playboy's business. Niko subsequently hired by both men to assassinate one another in a mission, The Holland Play. Niko has a choice whether to kill Forge or Playboy X.

If Dwayne survives, he takes over the North Holland Hustlers once again and as a reward to Niko for his help, he will provide two gangsters as bodyguards whenever Niko needs backup.