East Beach

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East Beach is a district on the north-east coast of the city of Los Santos, and is controlled by the Los Santos Vagos. The only known resident of East Beach is Colonel Fuhrberger.

Events of Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas

East Beach is a strong hold for the Los Santos Vagos gang, and they come into conflict with Grove Street Families gang members on the border to Playa del Seville. However, control of the area is rarely challenged. Carl Johnson and Lance "Ryder" Wilson, during the mission Home Invasion, enter Colonel Fuhrberger's home and steal weaponary and ammunition. East Beach, depending on the player's choice, can be a Grove Street Families controlled district.



  • Colonel Fuhrberger's Home


  • Auto Glass
  • Beach Gift Shop
  • Chavez Group (real estate company with property for sale in East Beach)
  • Chinese Food
  • Diamonds
  • East Pacific
  • Electronic
  • León
  • Los Santos Forum
  • Los Santos Jewellery Mart
  • Market Carniceria
  • Princess P Fashions
  • Santos Investments
  • Santos Surfboards
  • Skates
  • Sports Emporium
  • The Golden Palace
  • Uni-Tel
  • Will's Snack Shop
  • Yars Jewelery


  • Grenade
  • Micro-SMG

Stationary Vehicles


  • Body Armour