Eddie Pulaski

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Eddie Pulaski.

Officer Eddie Pulaski is Frank Tenpenny's partner in crime. Little by little, Tenpenny showed him the "truth" of how the law should be handled in C.R.A.S.H. when dealing with gang crime. Over the years he had been working with Tenpenny, he developed a high level of deluded trust in their partnership (if anything, Tenpenny was simply using Pulaski to cover his back when needed) and an irreverent outlook on those he saw as below the law. He also served as Tenpenny's crooked henchman most of the time, doing numerous illegal activies and covering up the truth. In the desert region of Bone County, they kill Officer Jimmy Hernandez for revealing information to the authorities.

Officer Pulaski is killed by CJ in the mission "High Noon" during a car chase after he gets CJ riled with numerous comments about his mother and sister. In this mission, Pulaski insisted that Tenpenny wanted to keep CJ alive and would always find an excuse every time Pulaski demanded that CJ be killed. Although he ended up getting chased, shot, and killed by CJ (who tries in vain to make Pulaski realize that Tenpenny was just using him), he was a major antagonist in the main storyline. His last request was to have sex with Kendl, in which Carl responds "You an asshole to the end, punk motherfucker!" before dealing a fatal kick to the head, killing Pulaski. During the mission Riot, when Frank Tenpenny is in court, Pulaski is presumed to be in hiding.

Murders commited by Eddie

The late Chris Penn provided the voice for Pulaski.