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For Jon Gravelli
Location Algonquin
Reward $12,000
Unlocks Dining Out
Unlocked by Babysitting

In Entourage, Niko is directed by United Liberty Paper to the dying Jon Gravelli who has a job for him: meet the politician Bobby Jefferson and escort him to City Hall.


Go to meet Former Secretary Jefferson and his entourage at Grand Easton Terminal. Niko will be driving Mr. Jefferson to his speech. Stay behind the lead car. Eventually, a series of roadblocks will lead the convoy into an ambush by the Russian Mafia disguised as Construction Workers. Fight your way out and rescue Jefferson. Evade four more cars which will give chase and ensure Jefferson survives. Take Mr. Jefferson to the Civic Citadel, and complete the mission.



  • The motorcade ambush in this mission is a homage to the famous alleyway ambush scene in the 1994 film Clear and Present Danger, in which Harrison Ford is part of a motorcade that is cornered and attacked in an alleyway by gangsters with RPGs.
  • The Lokus in this mission has a unique color, if you want, take it after the mission (if it isn't destroyed).
  • In the Motorcade, along with Washingtons and Lokuss, a Coquette can be seen driven by the Gambettis.
  • If you shoot all the enemy Russians, the surviving bodyguards will follow you around and behave like Dwayne´s Backup, only they carry pistols and have the health of a normal pedestrian.
  • This mission happens after Diamonds Are a Girl's Best Friend and Ladies Half Price. This is confirmed by a news report on the radio and internet regarding the mission, placing it after the botched Gracie diamond exchange. This creates a potential continuity error, however, as it's possible to complete this mission before taking on Diamonds Are a Girl's Best Friend.