Escobar International Airport

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Escobar International Airport

Escobar International Airport (EIA) is the airport in Vice City for both GTA Vice City and GTA Vice City Stories. The airport consists of two terminals, one at the north which is a standard blocky terminal with the addition of below-ground entrances, while the other in the south is more distinctive, with its weaved roof and massive glass wall facing the airport's southern airside. Both structures are separated by lawns and a car park. EIA does not appear to be based on any particular real-life airport, although it is located similarly to that in Miami.

The airport is on its own peninsula in the south-west of the city. Further north is the Fort Baxter Air Base, a military installation that houses military equipment and personnel. South-east of the EIA compound is Vice Port (also referred to in road signs as "VicePort"), the city's seaport.

Flights regularly depart and arrive in the airport in GTA Vice City, with an large intangible passenger plane. Otherwise, the airport is largely unused due to the only plane in the game being the Skimmer seaplane.