FBC Financial Group

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The "FBC Bank" building Torrington, Staunton, in GTA III.

FBC Financial Group or FBC Bank is a company in Liberty City in the Grand Theft Auto III which presumably specializes in the financial sector.

The company is notable for being a financier of the Porter Tunnel project, which faced numerous delays and only opened seven months behind schedule as a result (from the original projected launch in March 2001 to October 2001). The official GTA III website points the company's base of operation in the city to the third tallest building in the city in Torrington on Staunton, wedged between the Jefferson St. Credit Union building and AmCo's headquarters.

The company could be based on the PNC Financial Services, as the name gives some similarities with the RBC Bank. "FBC" is also an acronym for a real-life bank called Flagstar Bank.