Fabien LaRouche

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Fabien LaRouche
[[Image::File:FabienLaRouche-GTAV.png| ]]
Appearances GTA V
Full Name Fabien LaRouche


Gender Gender::Male
Home Los Santos
Main Affiliations Amanda De Santa (client, lover)
Businesses Yoga instructor
Voiced by Michael Giese

Fabien LaRouche is a character in the HD Universe appearing in Grand Theft Auto V.

Character history

Fabien LaRouche is a private yoga instructor and works with Michael De Santa's wife, Amanda.

In Did Somebody Say Yoga?, Michael and Amanda are having an argument over his reckless lifestyle when Fabien shows up for yoga practice. Fabien invites Michael to join him and Amanda in their yoga session; however, she believes that it's a bad idea. When Fabien does a sexually suggestive pose with Amanda, Michael tries to push Fabien into the pool but ends up falling in himself. The incident causes Amanda to leave Michael, calling him a pathetic psychopath.

In Reuniting the Family, he and Amanda are at a Bean Machine in Vinewood. When Michael and Jimmy show up, he insults the two. Michael then demands that Fabien show Amanda a little respect. Amanda tells Michael to just him already, and Michael responds by grabbing a woman's laptop and bashing it against Fabien's face. Amanda takes the delusional Fabien home before meeting Michael and the children at Dr. Friedlander's office.

Mission appearances


  • True to Rockstar's humour, Fabien's yoga positions featured in the "Serenity & Wellness" section of the official GTA V website are sexually suggestive.