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The Faggio is a scooter based on the Piaggio range, found in GTA: Vice City, San Andreas, GTA: Liberty City Stories and GTA: Vice City Stories. The Faggio is the slowest motorcycle in each of the four games the vehicle appears in. The Faggio's appearance remains virtually unchanged apart from one of its brake lights broken on the San Andreas models.


GTA: Vice City

  • By a skip, a block away from safe houses in Vice Point, Vice City

GTA: San Andreas

GTA: Liberty City Stories

  • Outside the FIDL supermarket in Portland View, Portland Island
  • AMCo. Petroleum Company in Trenton, Portland Island
  • In an alley in Chinatown with steps bringing you to the roof, Portland Island
  • Near Asuka Kasen's Condo in Newport, Staunton Island
  • Near the Liberty City Community College at Liberty Campus, Staunton Island

GTA: Vice City Stories

  • Well Stacked Pizza in Vice Point, Vice City


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