Federal Bureau of Investigation

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File:FBIrancher 1.jpg
A FBI Rancher parked near the desert in San Andreas

FBI stands for the Federal Bureau of Investigation, and is in real life an American law enforcement agency. In GTA III Era games, the FBI are the third level of law enforcement that pursue you. The FBI will appear only when your Wanted Level reaches 5 stars, before the Army on 6 stars.

FBI Agents wear black suits with dark glasses, or blue jackets with "FBI" printed on the back in GTA San Andreas. The FBI agents are well armed in all appearances, and their vehicles are generally extremely fast.

In GTAIV, the agency became known as the FIB, (Federal Investigation Bureau), presumably to avoid conflict with the real-life FBI. It is not known if this was done at the request of the FBI.

FBI Vehicles

The FBI have their own law enforcement vehicles in the games since GTA III, which can also be used for Vigilante missions.

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