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|for=[[Wu Zi Mu]]
|for=[[Wu Zi Mu]]
|location=[[Four Dragon Casino]], [[Las Venturas]].  
|location=[[Four Dragons Casino]], [[Las Venturas]].  
|reward=$5000 and + Respect
|reward=$5000 and + Respect

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Fender Ketchup.
Game GTA San Andreas
For Wu Zi Mu
Location Four Dragons Casino, Las Venturas.
Reward $5000 and + Respect

Fender Ketchup is the first mission in the Four Drangon casino path.



When CJ first arrives in Las Venturas to Wu Zi Mu's newly opened casino, a saboteur has been caught smashing up some of the slot machines. As Wu Zi Mu's men are about to "get rid of" him, CJ intervenes and has the guy tied to the hood of a car stomach down, facing the front windscreen. CJ then drives the car around the city dangerously in order to scare him into telling him which family he's with.

The mission

In the starting cutscene, Wu Zi Mu told Carl about problems faced in the casino, and he would like to give Carl a share of the casino. Then they were informed that one saboteur(Johnny Sindacco ) was caught. Woozie order to get rid of him. But Carl order to tie him to the front of a car instead.

Then Carl proceed to the car, and take Johnny out for a ride to scare him, in order to figure out which mafia family he is.

In order to scare him, you need to drive at high speed, perform hand brake turns and insane stunts. However, you need to avoid the highway or you will get a three star wanted level, and avoid crashing or Johnny will die.


(Four Dragon Casino, Wu Zi Mu, Carl Johnson,Guppy)

(Woozie is on the phone)

Wu Zi Mu: Idiot! Do you know how much those machine cost? We're supposed to be opening in...

(Crash sound)

Wu Zi Mu: What the fuck was that?

(To the phone again)

Wu Zi Mu: Hello?HELLO?(Throw the phone to the floor)What the fuck is wrong with you people?

Guppy: Boss, CJ's here.

(Guppy and CJ enter)

Wu Zi Mu:Carl, glad you could make it.

(Carl and Woozie shake hands.)

Carl: So this is what you'vebeen doing.

Wu Zi Mu: Yeah, it's been a complete nightmare.