Fern Ridge

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Fern Ridge in GTA San Andreas, as viewed to the northwest.

Fern Ridge is a rural area in Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas in Red County, San Andreas. It neighbors Montgomery and Hampton Barns to the east, and Blueberry and Hilltop Farm to the west.


The area is best described as a largely uninhabited and massive heavily-forested ridge lined along a river, rising to a significant height. Numerous dirt paths cut across various levels of ridge, including the ridge's riverfront rock shelter decorated with overhanging roots or vines. A cabin belonging to Catalina, located on the southern face of the ridge, halfway to the top, is the only man-made structure in the ridge.

Catalina's Fern Ridge cabin in GTA San Andreas.

The ridge's prominence is limited to the Red County mission string, when the vast majority of missions take place in the county. Catalina's cabin serves as the starting point for all missions from Catalina, and the pathway along the ridge's rock shelter serves as part of the offroad racing course in "Wu Zi Mu" and "Farewell, My Love...".

Parked vehicles


  • Shovel, beside the makeshift graves.