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Niko Bellic about to kill Anthony Corrado

Niko Bellic about to kill Anthony Corrado
For Jimmy Pegorino
Target Anthony Corrado
Location Leftwood & Westdyke
Reward $13,000
Unlocks Pest Control
Unlocked by Payback

Flatline is one of the last missions for Pegorino. It involves taking out Pegorino's best guard in a hospital in Alderney.


The Hospital Scrubs outfit, an unique outfit only obtainable in this mission.

In this mission for Jimmy Pegorino, Niko finds out that Anthony Corrado, Pegorino's best guard, was wearing a wire and working for the government. He needs you to silence Corrado. Get a car, preferably a fast one, and drive to the Westdyke Memorial Hospital. Park your car at the curb and exit it - a good idea is to leave the car door open to make for a quick getaway. Don't enter the hospital with a weapon drawn or this will attract police attention - they have been tipped off about Pegorino's discovery.

When you enter the hospital, make a right and another right to the changing room. Next to one of the lockers, you'll see a doctor's outfit. Walk into it and press the L1/LT button to put it on. Leave the changing room and turn right. Then make a left and go to the end of the halls where the police officers are. Enter Anthony's room. The FIB agent will walk out to give you some 'patient alone time'. To let Corrado know that you're Niko, go to the side of the bed where Anthony's head is facing. Otherwise, he'll think you're Pegorino - but it doesn't affect the result.

There are two ways to end Corrado's life. If you want to execute him, point a pistol at his head and shoot him. This will draw the FIB's attention - and increase the chance of death. Alternatively, you can face the life support machine and deactivate it by pressing L1/LT again. Niko will say something like "Go to sleep, Anthony". Walk out of the ER room, do not sprint or run. Once you reach the waiting area/triage, the police will identify you as the killer -- you can now use your weapons as necessary. Run out of the hospital and into your still-waiting vehicle; drive away and lose your 2 star wanted level (or 3-star, if you shot any cops) to complete the mission.