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Follow Traitor!
Game GTA 2
For Johnny Zoo, Yakuza
Location Funabashi, Downtown District, Anywhere City
Reward $40,000

Follow Traitor!, or Follow That Traitor! in the PC version, is the fifth job in Grand Theft Auto 2 given to Claude by Johnny Zoo of the Yakuza. The mission is available from the yellow Yakuza phones in Funabashi of the Downtown District, after the other yellow missions have been completed.


Johnny is suspicious that his top man is selling out secrets to the Zaibatsu. He wants Claude to tail him and see where he goes.

After Claude does this, he discovers that the man is indeed guilty. Under Johnny's orders, Claude meets Refried Noodle and kills the traitor, along with his bodyguards.


Johnny Zoo: "Hi, Kosai, it's Johnny Zoo. I think my top man is selling information to the Zaibatsu. I want you to tail him."

(Claude tails Johnny's top man for a little while until he enters a building.)

Johnny Zoo: "Excellent, you found the traitor's hideout. He must suffer the Yakuza way. Make contact with the ancient torture master, Refried Noodle."

(Claude drives over to Refried Noodle's location and meets up with him.)

Refried Noodle: "I am Refried Noodle. Here is a weapon - if you need it."

Johnny Zoo: "The traitor and his men must die! Kill them all, Kosai!"

(Claude drives to the traitor's hideout and kills the traitor and his bodyguards.)

Johnny Zoo: "No one betrays the mighty Yakuza. Loyal assassins are the future, Kosai. As a reward I give you $40,000."


Completing the mission will give you $40,000.

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