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Me and one of my friends were looking around and we found a map which I think COULD be the next location to the new "GTA:V". It is too large a map to be Liberty City and on one corner it has what seems to be San Fierro with the San Fierro Bay next to it. Most of the map is covered by the light of a lamp and makes the map unreadable on 3/4ths of it. That area could be Las Venturas (the light could mean where heat is so desert?) There is a lot of rivers and waterways on it. It could also be a new redone version of Vice City. What do you think?

well, its probably not GTA5, more like GTA4 vice city or san andreas. and I would really like to go to Washington, or Denver. Somewhere new. how about Vancouver? Delo

Well wouldn't "GTA:V" in general just mean next GTA until the actual game called "GTA:V" comes out.CloverLynx 07:45, July 7, 2010 (UTC)

true, true. still, I think that we should go somewhere now, than Vice city, than San Andreas, than somewhere else new for PSP. Than GTA5.