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Forums GTA GTA V era Liberty City...

I would love to see a city, state or whatever that's borders aren't simply vast oceans, but rather barricades, broken bridges, natural disasters (floods, storms, fires, etc.), mountains for a change. On the topic of realistic geography, I would love a map that didn't have strictly North-South facing islands, but rather lop-sided and jagged like real NY city. Abilities should include random conversations with other peds, ability to text any message to friends and receive appropriate response. Also, R* should think of hiring private internet contractors to do continuous live radio material, like in real-life) with some pre-recorded re-arrangeable stuff to make it easier at times. 100% accessibility of interiors, and entirely personalised peds would be cool too as well as actual gore and physical degradation (limbs torn from body, skull tissue and skin, general blood and guts). A big Youtube-style(MeNet) site for video communication and clowning around (porn, daft stuff) would be amazing. If anybody could suggest anything else totally outside the box, that would be cool.

I agree with everything but 100% accessible interiors. That would be ok for a few parts of the map (would've been really cool at Star Juncion, for example), but there's no way any modern system can handle that much space, and there's no way R* is going to go through and create that many interiors anyway.

If Rockstar plan to set the next GTA5 in Liberty City it probably will be similiar to the GTA4 era LC. Personally I think Liberty City has hads it's turn in getting modernised and I now think it's appropriate that San Andreas or Vice City to be the new setting for GTA5

--HarveyH92 18:06, December 22, 2009 (UTC)