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This topic has popped up every now and then in conversation. Despite Rockstar saying that the eras of GTA3 and 4 have no connection whatsoever I beg to differ. It's quite obvious that the two eras are linked...I don't need to explain that

The question is 'Is Mike Toreno and the U.L Paper guy the same person?'

Definately yes

To start both characters look distinctively identical in physical appearence..the U.L Paper guy has just aged a bit. Afterall GTA San Andreas is set in 1992 and GTA4 is 2008. Thats 16 years...people change in physical appearance slightly within that time bracket. So when Niko enters that office that middle-aged man sitting behind that desk with the glasses IS Mike Toreno.

But that's only a small indication...there's a lot more to it. They're both ruthless government agents of some sort. They both have tendancies to fuck with the player's mind by getting them to do dangerous and complex missions, saying they'll benefit from it by and they'll be rewarded. But when really they even admit they're just saying that to keep them coming back to do more missions and only much later does the player get let off the hook and get what he originally asked for. The U.L. Paper guy and Toreno reveal very little about themselves and who they work for and do a good job of keeping those things a secret. They tend to ring the player at random times when least expected and during these calls what they're saying indicates that they're spying on the player (i.e the U.L. Paper guy knows Niko found Bernie Crane and slags him about it). Overall both characters manage to test the players patience, pushing him to the very limit (CJ even pulling a gun on Toreno) and that's when they will give in. They also bullshit about how these tasks are making the world safer. They also carry the same point of view that sometimes bad things have to happen to good people....

The actual missions that Mike Toreno and the U.L Paper order the player to do are extremely similiar aswell. They almost always involve stealing or destroying a vehicle, infiltrating a base of some sort or making a certain someone 'disappear'. The missions are always a challenge aswell.........

After the the player has eventually busted his back multiple times and has gotten rewarded for the efforts...Neither Mike Toreno or the U.L Paper guy are seen or heard from again.

If anyone wants to challenge me on this opinion, feel free to leave a comment....

HarveyH92 17:04, July 5, 2010 (UTC) OK , good evidence. Sadly, GTA4 is in a DIFFERENT CANON, so this is just a fairy tale -- Delo19xcrowbarx

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What exactly is a canon? is it another fancy word for world or era or something? I don't get it....Like I know Rockstar said something about GTA3 and 4 having no connection....But it's obvious that there is some link. OG Loc and Madd Dogg appear on LP and magazine covers. Cluckin' Bells and Burger Shot are in both GTA San Andreas and GTA4. The Truth who is in GTA San Andreas is said to have an account on under the name 'The Trooth'. Vinewood, in San Andreas is mentioned on some travel site alonside Vice City. Rockstar could just be denying that there is no connection between the two eras in order not reveal whats in store for GTA fans in the next GTA game.....Maybe a character from a past GTA game will make an appearence?HarveyH92 17:39, July 6, 2010 (UTC)

HarveyH92 17:39, July 6, 2010 (UTC)