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Which GTA IV finale do you think was a more satisfying ending to the story?

Revenge User:Lozzy94


- Definitely Revenge. You still keep Roman as a friend, and still get the $500,000 reward. You also get to kill BOTH Jimmy Pegorino and Dmitri Rascalov. Katie doesn't give you anything anyway. Choosing Deal will give you $500,000 2 missions earlier. Roman dies, you can only kill Dmitri, and Kate breaks up with you.

Revenge, hands down. Shootout on a boat? Sanchez jump to helicopter? Final showdown with Pegorino on Happiness Island? Yes please. --Stankers 12:29, May 28, 2010 (UTC)

well, I always thought that Revenge was like the happier ending, and it was not as bitter sweat as Deal.

I think it alsomatters whether Niko decides to kill Darko. If he lets Darko live;Revenge. If he kills him;Deal. You can figure out why