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Four Iron
Game GTA Vice City
For Avery Carrington
Target Real Estate Magnate
Location Vice Point
Reward $500 and Golf Outfit
Unlocks Leaf Links Golf Course
Ability to steal a Caddie



Avery Carrington is looking at some prime development land, however, another Real Estate Magnate already owns the land. So Avery wants you to finish the guy and therefore give Avery the chance to buy out that patch of land. The guy is playing golf at Leaf Links golf club.

The Mission

There is a disadvantage to this mission, the guy will be in a golf club where they don't allow guns, so yu will have to kill the guy with a meelee weapon, if you can, before starting the mission, get a Katana from the Tarbrush Café so you can have a better weapon than a golf club.

After the briefing, head down to Jocksport and pick up the Golf Clothes, then head down to the Leaf Links club (which is right next to Jocksport) and enter after dropping off your weapons in the metal detector at the entrance. Steal a nearby Caddie, since you will have to make a good drive to catch the guyn you're supposed to kill, then drive to the Driving Range.

When you arrive, the guy will see you and set his bodygurds on you, then he'll drive away. In order to avoid for him to drive away, you can steal all the nearby empty Caddies parked next to the Driving Range and throw them into the water. If he does drive away, drive near him, then get off your caddie, pull him out of his, and beat him (and in case you have the Katana) slice him to death.


(Avery's Lot, Avery Carrington and Tommy Vercetti).

Avery Carrington: Come in and park yourself on the hide, son. Hell, my daddy used to say, never look a gift horse in the mouth, and by golly, he never did. Would you like a drop of the old Kentucky?

Tommy Vercetti: No thanks.

Avery: A clean thinker! I like that. Now, the property business isn't all about high-falooting paper pushing. It's about dirt! And the will to claim that dirt! You with me, son?

Tommy: Oh yeah.

Avery: Well, I need some tenacious bastard to let go of some dirt, and you look to me like the guy to persuade him.

Tommy: Persuation's my forte.

Avery: Yeah, he'll be down at the country club, down at the golf course. They don't allow guns, so his bodyguards won't be packing lawgivers. Go beat eight tons of crap out of him. Here now - I got you a membership, and boy you're gonna need more appropriate clothing.

(Outside Avery's Lot, Tommy).

Tommy: This guy's my new friend. I never had a friend with a wig before...

(Jocksport, Tommy and Some Street Asshole).

Tommy: Is this me?

Some Street Asshole: Nice ass baby!

(Leaf Links Golf Club, Real Estate Magnate and Bodyguard).

Real Estate Magnate: Who's this guy? Boys, go deal with him.

Bodyguard: Get him! Kill that damn psycho!

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