Francis International Airport

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Francis International Airport is "Liberty City's Gateway To The World", situated on the south of Shoreside Vale in GTA III and GTA Liberty City Stories. The airport is partly based on the Los Angeles International's (LAX) Theme Building

"Liberty City's Gateway To The World. Where we meet new friends and prodigal sons. Francis International has proudly served all of Liberty City's transportation needs since 1953. For the excutive traveler, relax in our business class lounge, or enjoy a pre-flight drink in DODO'S, our cocktail lounge. With hundreds of shops and services, Francis International is airport to the stars. 100's of national and international destinations served including: London, San Andreas, Vice City, Miami, Bogota, Amsterdam, Bangkok, Toronto, Leith and Tokyo. Fares Starting as Low as $69 Each Way."
- Quote from official website

In GTA3, a fire station is situated near the entrance to the rear of the airport, as such, a Firetruck is always available from there. Opposite, is a car park which has various randomly spawned cars. In the airport itself, many unique jumps can be found. The infamous Dodo is also in one of the hangars, as well as next to a helipad, notorious for it's level of skill required of the player to actually fly it.

Official Francis International Airport website