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Franklin Clinton
[[Image::File:FranklinClinton-GTAV-secondtrailer.jpg| ]]
Appearances GTA V
Full Name Franklin Clinton


Gender Gender::Male
Nationality American
Home South Los Santos, Los Santos, San Andreas
Family Denise Clinton (aunt)
Tavell Clinton (cousin)
Main Affiliations Michael De Santa
Trevor Philips
Lamar Davis
Simeon Yetarian
Chamberlain Gangster Families
Vehicles Bagger
Player's Choice
Businesses Vehicle repossession
Voiced by Shawn "Solo" Fonteno

Franklin Clinton is one of the protagonists of Grand Theft Auto V.


Franklin grew up in the inner city of Los Santos, attended Davis High School and has been lifelong friends with Lamar Davis. They both became members of the Families gang, though Franklin matured out of it. In Still Pulling Favors, it's revealed that Franklin's mother used to smoke crack cocaine. He has an ex-girlfriend he is still in contact with, Tanisha Jackson, and they were once very serious with each other before Tanisha left him to date a doctor and live a more stable, responsible lifestyle.

Depicted as "fit and fashion conscious", Franklin is a young man in his 20s from South Los Santos, who starts out working for Armenian luxury car dealer Simeon Yetarian at Premium Deluxe Motorsport, repossessing cars of those who defaulted on their payments to the dealership.

He first meets Michael De Santa while trying to repossess a BeeJay XL from his son. Michael forces Franklin, at gunpoint, to ram the SUV into Simeon's dealership and frames Franklin of doing it by choice. Franklin is fired by Simeon, accepts a sarcastic offer from Michael to get a beer and they form a friendship.

Murders committed

Optional murders


  • Franklin is the only protagonist among the three to survive all three endings.
  • If the player chooses to kill either Michael or Trevor, Franklin becomes the second protagonist to successfully murder another GTA protagonist.


Franklin's Trailer