Franklin Clinton

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[[Image::File:Franklin-GTAV-secondtrailer.jpg| ]]
Appearances GTA V
Full Name Franklin
Gender Gender::Male
Nationality American
Home South Los Santos, Los Santos, San Andreas
Family Chop (dog)
Main Affiliations Michael
Trevor Phillips
Vehicles A red sports car
Player's Choice
Businesses Car repossession

Franklin is one of the protagonists of Grand Theft Auto V. Franklin is a young man in his 20s from South Los Santos, working for an Armenian luxury car dealer, repossessing cars of those who defaulted on their payment to the dealership.

He is starting to work his way up in the criminal world, in contrast to the powerful but retired Michael. He is supposed to have stumbled into Michael while looking for a hustle.

Franklin is depicted as "fit and fashion conscious", and he owns a dog named Chop.