Franklin and Lamar

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Franklin and Lamar
Game GTA V
For Simeon Yetarian
Target Rapid GT and 9F
Location Del Perro Beach, Los Santos
Fail Lamar Davis dies
Lamar gets too far ahead
The player's car is destroyed
Reward "Welcome to Los Santos" achievement/trophy
Strawberry Safehouse unlocked
Unlocks Repossession
Unlocked by Prologue

Franklin and Lamar is the second story mission in Grand Theft Auto V. It is the first mission set in the present day and introduces Franklin Clinton.


9 years after the Ludendorff incident, Michael De Santa is having a therapy session with Dr. Isiah Friedlander, discussing Michael's son Jimmy as well his past. After his therapy session, Michael sits outside on a bench in Del Perro Beach. Shortly thereafter, Franklin and his friend & co-worker Lamar Davis walk past Michael, and Lamar asks Michael if he knows where Bertolt's beach house is, to which Michael states that it's the house with the yellow stairs. Franklin berates Lamar for asking where their target lives since they are going to repossess cars for Armenian car dealer Simeon Yetarian.

Lamar challenges Franklin to a race through the city. During the race, the player learns about Franklin's special ability, which is slowing down time while driving. After stopping in a lot near the Union Depository, the police show up, and Lamar flees to the dealership, leaving Franklin with a two-star wanted level. After evading the police, Franklin returns to Premium Deluxe Motorsport, where Simeon is arguing with Jimmy De Santa over selling him a Karin BeeJay XL. Afterwards, Franklin and Lamar leave the dealership for Franklin's house.

Upon arriving at the safehouse, the game gives a tutorial related to safehouses. The player can save a car in the garage, save the game and advance time by six hours by sleeping, change clothes in the wardrobe, or watch TV in the living room.

Secondary objectives

Objective Description
Not a Scratch Deliver the vehicles with minimal damage.
Focused Driver Use Franklin's special ability for a minimum of 7 seconds.
Winner Win the race against Lamar.
We Come in Peace Avoid hitting any aliens in the movie studio.


Post mission phone call

Simeon Yetarian: Franklin!

Franklin Clinton: Eh, what's going down, homie?

Simeon Yetarian: That market, my boy. Liquidity's a bitch. Get over here so I can give you the new repo list.

Franklin Clinton: Alright, dog. I'll be around when I get a chance.

Post mission e-mail

[email protected]

Me. Not us.


I don't know why I'm writing to you but trust me, it is NOT because secretly I want to get back together. I don't. Now now. Not ever. You are who you are and that is that. I waited and I waited and nothing changed and now I'm finally happy.

After all that I went through with my brothers passing, I know that life you live ain't for me. I always knew that. I ain't got the strength. I don't want it. I want something else and that thing ain't money. I guess what I'm saying is good bye. You'll always be my friend, you know that, but that is it.


Social media

Darryl Knox posts on Franklin's Lifeinvader page: "Am I dreaming or did I just see you and lamar tearing up the del perro freeway on some sick wheels??"

On Bleeter, @nobbly_head posts: "just saw 2 crazzzzy hoods racing boosted cars on del perro freeway sweet ass convertibles too!!"


Video walkthrough

Xbox 360 Version - GTASeriesVideos


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