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File:Freight 1.jpg
Freight at station in San Fierro

The Freight is a fully interactive train featured on Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas. It is only available in a gray color.

Freight also has a set of delivery missions, both have to be completed in order for the player to achieve 100%. Rockstar also made some realistic effects on the train; particulairly the ability to derail it when the speed is to intense for the train to handle.

Except for the derailment issue, the train is BP/FP/EP/DP. It can be noted that because of the fact that there were terrein problems and visible blue hells, Rockstar decided to disable all 1st and 3rd person views from the train, and while the player is in the train at any time; the game sets the view to cinematic mode. Original views can be restored by a third party trainer program.