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|target=[[Vice City Cabs|VC Cabs]] [[Taxi|Vehicles]]
|target=[[Vice City Cabs|VC Cabs]] [[Taxi|Vehicles]]
|location=[[Kaufman Cabs]]
|location=[[Kaufman Cabs]]

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Friendly Rivalry
Game GTA Vice City
For Doris
Target VC Cabs Vehicles
Location Kaufman Cabs
Reward $2000
Unlocks Cabmaggedon
Unlocked by V.I.P.

Friendly Rivalry is a mission in Grand Theft Auto: Vice City given to protagonist Tommy Vercetti by dispatcher Doris from the Kaufman Cabs depot in Little Haiti, Vice City.


Upon entering the Kaufman Cab, Tommy overhears a conversation over the radio, ending with Doris telling Tommy to destroy three rival taxis before Kaufman Cabs goes out of business. Tommy has no problem finding and destroying three rival cabs to pass the mission.


(Kaufman Cabs, Ted and Doris).

Doris: Calling all cars, we're losing fares all over town. What's with you guys?

Ted: VC Cabs keeps beating us to it! They've got to many cars - we can't compete.

Doris: Mr. Vercetti, if you're out there listening, you gotta put some VC Cabs out of action before we go bust!


The reward for this mission is $2,000. The mission Cabmaggedon is unlocked.

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