Friendly Rivalry

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Friendly Rivalry
Game GTA Vice City
For Delores
Target VC Cabs Vehicles
Location Kaufman Cabs
Reward $

Friendly Rivalry is the second mission played for Delores, the Kaufman Cabs dispatcher in Grand Theft Auto: Vice City.



Kaufman Cabs is losing a lot of fares since VC Cabs has a lot more vehicles, so you will have to take care of this. How, by destroying three of VC Cabs' vehicles.

The Mission

Hop on the marked cab and after the briefing drive towards the cabs indicated in the radar (if you destroy any VC Cab it won't do, you have to destroy the indicated one. There's one Cab in Viceport, another in Little Havana and the last one in Downtown Vice City.

The mission is very easy, either get to the targets and ram the cabs until they explode or shoot the cabs with an assault rifle until they explode, once you have destroyed the three cabs, the mission is complete.

(BEWARE: if your cab is destroyed in the process of the mission, the mission ends in failure)


(Kaufman Cabs, Ted and Delores).

Delores: Calling all cars, we're losing fares all over town. What's with you guys?

Ted: VC Cabs keeps beating us to it! They've got to many cars - we can't compete.

Delores: Mr. Vercetti, if you're out there listening, you gotta put some VC Cabs out of action before we go bust!

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