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The spotlight displayed on a nearby building

The spotlight displayed on a nearby building
Game GTA Vice City
For Steve Scott
Target Promote new Candy Suxxx film
Location Prawn Island, Vice City
Fail Player death, player busted
Unlocked by Martha's Mug Shot

G-Spotlight is a mission in Grand Theft Auto: Vice City given to protagonist Tommy Vercetti by film director Steve Scott from the InterGlobal Films Studio in Prawn Island, Vice City



To help promote the launch of the new film, the studio needs a big stunt. Steve reminisces how back in the day there were gala events, limos and searchlights. Tommy thinks of an idea and needs to find a big searchlight Downtown and adjust it to reflect an image to a building across the road.

The Mission

After the cutscene, Tommy runs to the guard booth and hops onto a PCJ-600, and drives towards a office building downtown. He drives up the stairs to the lower floor, and enters the elevator there. There will be a small cutscene and then Tommy drives through the window, keeping towards the right edge (towards the man standing in front of the window) and follows the blips until he reaches the searchlight. He hops off the bike, walk to towards the spotlight and enters a another light inside and shines it on a building. The mission is now finished and the film studio assets will now pay up to a revnue of $7000.

An alternative route exist by using a helicopter, which is faster and more useful, however there is more chance of death when going through the first building but after that it becomes simple.


Candy Suxxx: I'm sorry, but I just can't swallow this right now.

Steve Scott: Oh COME ON darling! He's hung like a sperm whale for pity's sake. How can you not feel the part?!

Candy Suxxx: But Stevie..

Tommy Vercetti: How's my star director?

Steve Scott: Oh, man. The struggle between the artistic integrity and the humping, pumping action continues unabated. And before you ask, yes, all four videos will be released by their.. ..Honey. Can you PLEASE keep the anaconda in the shot, he costs more per hour than you do!

Candy Suxxx: Oh, sorry Steve..

Tommy Vercetti: I was thinking, we need some kind of big stunt to really promote the launch. Something that will make a real impact on the City - you got any ideas?

Steve Scott: Well, in the old days the used to have gala events, stars, limos, the night sky crisscrossed with searchlights

Tommy Vercetti: Searchlights! I've got an idea..

Steve Scott: ..yeah, yeah, yeah. The little sequined numbers, and the limos, oh, premieres. Oh, yes, ma'am, of course ma'am! And the press, and the barrage of lights..


The name of the mission is a reference to the g-spot.

Video walkthroughs

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