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GXT files (also known as 'language files' or 'localisation files') are used for localising Grand Theft Auto games. Every single line of text is listed in the .gxt files, each being referenced by a variable. The variables are then used in the game so that different languages can be used. The lines of text can be anything from character dialogue, area names, vehicle names etc. Since GTA3, the games have shipped with the following language files:

  • american.gxt (English)
  • german.gxt (German)
  • spanish.gxt (Spanish)
  • french.gxt (French)
  • italian.gxt (Italian)

Some other regions (mainly European countries) have had language files made by fans for speakers of a particular language. An example of this would be the SASLO mod. The mod enables gamers from Slovenia to play Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas with all the text in Slovenian. The mod is actually a german.gxt file but with Slovenian translations of each line of text. One can simply replace the german.gxt file with the one from the SASLO mod and choose German as the in game language.