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A Gang Burrito in GTA Vice City (Rear quarter view).

The Gang Burrito is a high powered, modified van which is seen in Grand Theft Auto: Vice City, also seen in the downloadable episodic pack The Lost and Damned for Grand Theft Auto IV.


GTA Vice City

The GTA Vice City rendition of the Gang Burrito is essentially a Burrito with a two-tone red and gray paintjob, graffiti on the side panels, side exhausts, roof-mounted lights, a heightened rear spoiler, and a differing grille design. The Gang Burrito is sometimes seen with a small brown teddy bear affixed to the grille or roof; the roof-mounted teddy bears have a skull for a face. Its performance is similar to the regular Burrito, but with improved speed.

The Gang Burrito in GTA Vice City is normally spotted in the Streetwannabes territory — around North Point Mall and Prawn Island — being driven by members of the gang. One is regularly parked in front of Prawn Island's northern mansion.

The Gang Burrito have the same engine sound as the Infernus and the Deluxo

The Lost and Damned

A Gang Burrito in The Lost and Damned.

As before, the TLAD rendition of the Gang Burrito is adapted from the game's Burrito van. As the Burrito was redesigned in GTA IV to lack its predecessors' sporty design, TLAD's Gang Burrito reinstates some of these elements to distinguish itself from GTA IV's conventional model. The vehicle is presumably used by The Angels of Death, as it bears the gang's insignia on its side panels, in a similar way to the Slamvan, although not used as often.

The Gang Burrito's modifications include additional mud guards, a modified front bumper, roof-mounted lights and antennae, a rear spoiler, side exhausts, wider tires, billet grilles over the headlights, a bullbar and an Angels of Death insignia on the side panels. The Gang Burrito features one of several faded dark colors with the occasional discolored hood lid, and is rusting in places.


GTA Vice City
The Lost and the Damned
  • Found in some missions involving the Angels of Death.
  • Sometimes, one can be found in Gang Wars against the Angels of Death.
  • One can be spawned with a cheat code.