Gant Bridge

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The Gant Bridge
File:Gant Bridge Easter Egg.jpg
The Easter Egg on top of the Gant Bridge.

Gant Bridge is a road bridge spanning San Fierro Bay, also the eastern gate to the waterways which divide the state, connecting San Fierro to Bayside. It is modeled after the Golden Gate Bridge in San Francisco, but it is shorter and rarely bathed in fog. Like the Golden Gate Bridge, Gant Bridge is a suspension bridge supported by two pillars and painted International Orange. Other similarities include a toll plaza on the San Fierro side, and a large steel latticework structure supported by concrete, built into the hillside, providing the anchorage on the San Fierro side.

Other than the similarity to the Golden Gate Bridge, the Gant Bridge is not a particularly necessary roadway in the city, given the presence of the Garver Bridge to the east. The small freeway that comes of the bridge in San Fierro ends unexpectedly on a relatively minor road in Downtown San Fierro, instead of connecting with something more major.

There is an Easter Egg at the top of the northern tower - a sign that says "There are no Easter Eggs up here. Go away."

Also if you manage to make it to the opposite tower you will find a parachute waiting there.

Gant Bridge Visitor Center

The sign in front of the Visitor Center

The Gant Bridge Visitor Center is situated on the San Fierro side of the bridge. It consists of a "gift shop, boring museum and tourist information". The gift shop and museum are inaccessible. There is also a small diner before the small walkway bridge.

Actual Piece of Cable

The placard above the cable

A piece of cable from the bridge is situated on a plinth in the grounds of the Visitor Center. The sign above it reads:

Actual Piece of Cable
  • Oooooh amazing
  • That's mind blowing
  • Actually, no, it's simple physics

And not really that impressive

The piece of cable is based on the actual piece of cable from the Golden Gate Bridge.

Bridge Facts

Facts about the Gant Bridge

This is a large sign (of lower resolution than others) present near the far end of the center. It reads:

Bridge Facts

Length - 159.7m
Height - 60.3m above sea level
15000 polygons, inc. LODs
600m draw distance
11 textures
Takes up a staggering 1.27mb of disc space