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A vehicle save garage in San Fierro

There are several types of vehicle garages in GTA games.

Vehicle Storage

The first is a place for storing vehicles, almost exclusively attached to a Safehouse. A variation on this is the large hangar at the Verdant Meadows airstrip, in which larger vehicles including planes can be stored. The hangar at Las Venturas Airport is only used for spawning the AT 400 passenger plane. In GTA IV save garages were replaced with yellow outlined parking spaces outside any safehouse marked with 'Residents Parking Only'. The spaces can save only two vehicles, however more can fit in the space.

Vehicle Repair

Main article: Spray Shop

The second type is a public vehicle repair business. Pay 'n' Spray garages exist in all GTA III Era cities and in GTA IV, and will repair any non-public vehicle, as well as repainting it and replacing the engine to put the Police off its trail, and remove a Wanted Level.

Vehicle Customization

Main article: Mod Garages

The third type is a customization shop. Transfender, Loco Low Co., and Wheel Arch Angels are public garages in GTA San Andreas from which Car Modifications can be purchased, such as new wheels, spoilers, nitrous, or hydraulics.

Bomb shops

Main article: Car Bomb

Garages like 8-Ball Autos in all GTA III Era games and Welding & Weddings in GTA San Andreas allow you to attach a bomb to car, to blow up it later if necessary. Sometimes their services will be required for specific missions, in other time they can be useful just for fun.

Car collectors

Garages of the given type accept vehicles from the certain list for a payment. Examples are Import/Export garages in GTA III and Sunshine Autos Import Garage in GTA Vice City. Once the list is finished, cars from it become available for purchasing in garage or other bonuses appears.


Dummy garage are also occasionally available, some only active during specific missions.

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