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|aka          = Gay Tony
|aka          = Gay Tony
|gender      = M
|gender      = M
|dob          = 1958 (age 50-51)
|dob          = 1963 (age 45-56)
|pob          = Midwest
|pob          = Midwest
|home        = [[Liberty City in GTA IV era|Liberty City]]
|home        = [[Liberty City in GTA IV era|Liberty City]]

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Anthony Prince
[[Image::File:Gay Tony.jpg| ]]
Gay Tony in Ballad of Gay Tony
Appearances [[Appearance::Grand Theft Auto IV
The Lost and Damned
The Ballad of Gay Tony]]
Full Name Anthony Prince
Aliases Gay Tony
Gender Gender::Male
Date of Birth [[Error: Invalid time.|1963 (age 45-56)]]
Place of Birth Midwest
Age Now
Nationality American
Home Liberty City
Main Affiliations Luis Fernando Lopez
Ancelotti Family
Evan Moss
Businesses Nightclub owner

Anthony Prince, otherwise known as Gay Tony, is a nightclub entrepreneur in the GTA IV era. Tony plays a major role in the DLC pack The Ballad of Gay Tony, as its name suggests. In the first trailer for the game, he tells Luis that he is about to lose all he owns, although the reasons for this are thus far unknown.


Tony has run various nightclubs in Liberty City for the past 25 years,[1] he currently owns the clubs Maisonette 9 and Hercules in Lower Algonquin and additionally has interests in Bahama Mamas in Purgatory; he was also the proprietor of clubs of yesteryear such as Peacock, Platonic Fury and Cox.[1] He is also connected with the Ancelotti Family due to his close friendship with Gracie Ancelotti. As his nickname suggests, Tony is openly homosexual, and was dating a man named Evan Moss, until Moss was killed by Johnny Klebitz and The Lost MC in the Mission Diamonds in the Rough.

Tony has in the past come under fire for lax safety standards and age-checking in his clubs, and it is revealed towards the end of GTA IV that some of his clubs have been shut down due to violations of 8 city ordinances (in particular drug use on the premises).[2] At one point, Tom Rivas says to Niko that Prince is broke, despite his flashy lifestyle. Tony has been arrested several times, most notably for tax evasion in 1985, for which he spent 3 months in jail.[1] He was also convicted for possession of cocaine in 1996, and public lewdness in 1999. Tony also has problems with drugs, particularly cocaine and painkillers, and he has been to rehab 6 times.[1]

Dominican gangster Luis Fernando Lopez is recruited by Tony as a body guard and bouncer at his clubs. Prominently, Tony and Luis are sent to a hostage exchange to bring home Gracie Ancelotti in Diamonds Are a Girl's Best Friend after she is kidnapped by Niko and Packie. The pair are also seen earlier in the story buying some diamonds off of The Cook from The Platypus.

Judging by his backstory and profession, Tony appears to be loosely based on Nightclub Mogul Peter Gatien.

Mission appearances


The Lost and Damned



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