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The Ghawar is a private jet in The Ballad of Gay Tony. The plane is never pilotable in-game.

The single-engine design is unusual for business jets, which mostly have dual (and sometimes triple) engines for performance and reliability - such as the Shamal. While not used on large business jets, the Ghawar's engine configuration is similar to that being used on the new Very Light Jet, the PiperJet.

Ray Bulgarin's Ghawar

In the mission Departure Time, Ray Bulgarin attempts to flee Liberty City in his blue Ghawar whilst Luis Lopez destroys his heroin shipment in Funland. Timur was left behind and killed by Luis at Funland, who then went after the jet with Yusuf Amir's help. Ray was executed by Luis on board the jet, causing a live grenade Ray was holding to detonate, tearing off the cockpit. Luis manages to escape to safety whilst the jet plunged into the sea.


The interior of the plane is only seen during Departure Time; it is small and has many chairs on each side of the plane, the cockpit can be seen if the player looks closely when Ray emerges with a grenade. The windows are indestructible, and unlike the interior of the Andromada in Stowaway, the plane will not explode when fired inside, but this probably because there is not explosive barrels or propane tanks on the plane.


  • In the mission with Ray Bulgarin ( Departure Time ) the plane doesn't actually move, the jet hovers in place until a cut scene.

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