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* To the west of [[Pay 'N' Spray]] at the white building with a blue glass front, [[Ocean Beach]]
* To the west of [[Pay 'N' Spray]] at the white building with a blue glass front, [[Ocean Beach]]
==Car Modification (GTA:  San Andreas)==
*Color (two areas)
*Wheels (ten types)
*Nitro (All)
*Bass Boost

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The Glendale is a car that is in Grand Theft Auto: Vice City, San Andreas, and Vice City Stories. It is a four door car used by gangs on both of the games, predominantly on San Andreas; where it is common to see this car and its occupants taking part in a drive-by shooting. Along with the Broadway, Hustler, Tornado, and the Voodoo, they don't appear to have fuel caps but will explode if shot on the back license plate.

The Glendale is relatively fast for a car of its class, and handling is easy, mostly because of the car's higher than average weight. Destroyed Glendales can be found around the San Andreas countryside. The front resembles a 1955 Buick Special and the back and sides resemble a 1961 Dodge Polara.

The "Ghost Glendale" is a variation of the Glendale in which the car is damaged, cannot be fixed, and cannot be modified. They have been seen spawning in several places in San Andreas, especially between the two horseshoe shaped rocks in Back O' Beyond. See Myths in GTA San Andreas for more.


Vice City

San Andreas

  • Often seen driving around in Ganton

Vice City Stories

Car Modification (GTA: San Andreas)

  • Color (two areas)
  • Wheels (ten types)
  • Nitro (All)
  • Bass Boost
  • Hydraulics