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Globe Oil logo in GTA IV.

Globe Oil is a petroleum company featured in the HD Universe and is seen in Grand Theft Auto IV and Grand Theft Auto: Chinatown Wars.

Brett Crawford is the CEO of the company in 2013.


The company is mostly known to operate a chain of filling stations at Feldspar St, Suffolk, Liberty City and Tinderbox Ave, Tudor, Alderney (combined with car wash); the latter is featured in GTA Chinatown Wars as one of the many filling station where the player can produce Molotov cocktails. Its name alludes to its vast reach and control of oil around the world.

Other notable landmarks include its offices at Babbage Drive in Berchem, Alderney, and a large refining facility in the Acter Industrial Park. Globe Oil also operates its own website,, in The Lost and Damned.

Globe Oil's logo, and the company itself, is likely based on Halliburton, an oil company which has had many controversies involving the 2003 Iraq War, and even linked to former Vice President of the U.S. Dick Cheney.


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