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On Grand Theft Wiki, articles are deleted through two systems.

The first is for articles with absolutely no value whatsoever, created only for vandalism, such as those about abusive topics. Entirely abusive articles (that are NOT edited versions of good articles) should be tagged with {{Bad}} by Editors, so that Administrators can easily find them and delete them. Tagging articles in that way assigns the article to the "Bad" category so that they may easily be found.

The second system is for articles with little to no value. If an article is off-topic (eg Robbie Williams), too specific (eg Bus Stops in Vice City) or simply advertising a product/service/company (eg Sabrehost), then it should be tagged with {{prod}} which is proposed deletion.

Alternatives to Deletion

If an article is a real article (eg Vice City) that has been vandalised, edited to be abusive or had its good content removed, then it should be tagged with {{vandal}} which adds it to the "Vandal" category where Editors can find and correct the article.

If an article is on a useful/relevant topic but doesn't have enough detail (eg Cheetah) then the {{stub}} tag should be added at the bottom of the article.

{{bad}} - should be deleted straightaway
{{prod}} - should discuss the deletion first
{{vandal}} - should be fixed/reverted
{{stub}} - should be expanded