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Grand Theft Wiki has a series of policies regarding the use and reproduction of Copyright material.

Using Grand Theft Wiki Content

You may use content on Grand Theft Wiki for research purposes.

However, if you wish to copy the content directly to another website, We would prefer you to ask permission first, on the Discussion page.

Putting Content onto Grand Theft Wiki

No copyrighted content should be placed on Grand Theft Wiki unless either you own the copyright or have express written permission to use it. However, some content, such as logos, names or short text extracts (or quotes) may be used if used fairly.

Any quotes, extracts or images should reference their source.


Grand Theft Wiki will not be held liable for any misuse of content by our registered members.

Correction of Breaches of Copyright

If you belive a copyright has been breached, please let us know, and provide proof of the source and licence of the content. We will aim to correct the problem as soon as possible if neccessary.