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In brief... Make sure you follow the way of doing things that already exists here, even if it is different to other wikis.

Consistency means doing things the same way. This is important on a wiki, as repeated methods make it easy to find and do things.

See the Style Guide for details on style, structure and language.

Game Names

The biggest concern surrounding consistency here is the use of game names in text, section headings and page titles.

Games should always be shown with "GTA" or "Grand Theft Auto" at the start. This is to avoid confusion with place names - GTA Vice City vs Vice City

It is acceptable to link to either the full or short form of game titles.

Note that GTA 1 and GTA 2 use english numbers (1 and 2), whilst GTA III and GTA IV use roman numberals (III and IV). We must follow the convention of the game's actual name. The exception is GTA 1 which is technically called "Grand Theft Auto" but we always refer to it as GTA 1.

Also note that the numbered games do not have colons in the title (Grand Theft Auto III vs Grand Theft Auto: Vice City). Colons should never be used in the short forms.

Abbreviated titles (GTASA) should only be used where the game names need to be repeated many times. This includes large tables, long lists, or very complicated paragraphs that keep swapping between game names. Where possible, there should be a key to show which abbreviation means what. Never use these abbreviations as shorter links to be.

For the game's own page

Use the full form in the title and the opening sentence, ie Grand Theft Auto: Vice City.

For pages about part of the game

Use the short form, such as Vehicles in GTA Vice City

For other pages

Generally, use the short form in the any part of the text, any lists or tables (ie "The Cheetah is a car in GTA San Andreas")

For GTA 1

For the first GTA game, which was just called "Grand Theft Auto", we always refer to it as "Grand Theft Auto 1" or "GTA 1". This is to avoid any confusion, and to allow people to just link to GTA whenever they mean the series of games (which is more frequent than meaning the first game).

You can use the long form whenever you wish to be formal, such as in the opening sentence. However, do not do this if you are listing more than one game: ("The Bobcat is the trusty pick-up truck that is featured in Grand Theft Auto III, Grand Theft Auto: Vice City, Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas, Grand Theft Auto: Liberty City Stories, Grand Theft Auto: Vice City Stories, Grand Theft Auto IV and Grand Theft Auto: Chinatown Wars.")

Note that other sites (such as Wikipedia) use the long "correct" titles in every instance, but pages like List of characters in Grand Theft Auto: Liberty City Stories really do look silly. Notice that Wikipedia also says "List of" at the start of the title on many pages - that is also something that we do not do here on Grand Theft Wiki.

Page Titles

Titles of articles (pages) should almost always use the full title of whatever it is about. For example, a game's name should always be in full (Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas); a character should be Carl Johnson not just Carl; a mission should have the exact title (In The Beginning...).

The exception to this is when something is better known by an alternative name. For example, most people know the character as Sweet rather than Sean Johnson. Most people refer to the first GTA game as Grand Theft Auto 1 rather than "Grand Theft Auto".

Page titles should follow title case, such as Missions in GTA San Andreas, with minor words being lowercase (eg: a/and/the/in/to/of). Do not use full first caps (Something To Do With A Game), nor sentence case ("Something to do with a game"), nor uppercase ("SOMETHING..").

Templates should be lowercase and abbreviated, such as {{gtaiv}} and {{gtaiii vehicles}}.


Some examples of Consistency in a tabular format:

Wrong Right
Grand Theft Auto San Andreas Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas
GTA: San Andreas GTA San Andreas
Grand Theft Auto: III
Grand Theft Auto III
GTA San Andreas Vehicles
List of Vehicles in GTA San Andreas
Vehicles in GTA San Andreas
Term Meaning
GTA Vice City The game
Vice City The city
GTA / Grand Theft Auto All Grand Theft Auto games
GTA1 / Grand Theft Auto 1 The first GTA game, originally called "Grand Theft Auto"