Grass Roots - Franklin

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Grass Roots - Franklin
Game GTA V
Protagonist Franklin Clinton
For Barry
Objective Agree to help Barry to acquire some marijuana.
Location Ranch store on Sinner St in Textile City, Los Santos
Unlocks Grass Roots - The Drag
Grass Roots - The Pickup
Unlocked by Three's Company

Grass Roots - Franklin is a mission in Grand Theft Auto V given to Franklin Clinton by Barry from outside the Ranch store on Sinner St in Textile City, Los Santos.


Franklin Clinton, travelling along Sinner St, is called over by Barry asking if he can count on his attendance. Barry, after being asked, informs Franklin he is talking about a smoke in, which he hopes will 'bring down the government'. Franklin agrees if it means smoking good marijuana and is offered a 'warm up' before he obtains the supplies as Barry states you need 'smoke' for a smoke in. Barry then hands Franklin a joint, which he smokes calling it 'dry', but does not see the 'aliens' as Barry and Michael had. Franklin asks what else Barry is taking. As he goes to leave, Franklin is told that 'San Andreas needs you', that he'll text the locations to Franklin and to watch out for the police.


Barry: Let's end the tyranny!

(Barry notices Franklin)

Barry: So I take it I can count on your attendance, friend?

Franklin Clinton: Huh?

Barry: At the smoke in.

Franklin Clinton: We're what?

Barry: Yeah. We're gonna bring down the government by smoking weed together in a public place. It's very effective. I'm prepared to be a martyr, friend... Are you?

Franklin Clinton: Shit, if being a martyr means to smoke good weed, then fo' sho.

Barry: Would you like a little warm up? You know, before you go and collect the supplies?

Franklin Clinton: Before I what?

Barry: Y'know... get the supplies, can't have a smoke in without smoke. You know, cerebral stuff that's gonna get the people up off their feet, protesting.

Franklin Clinton: Man I don't know, it sounds kinda bullshit to me.

(Barry lights up a joint)

Barry: We're gonna crush them with our resolve. Here... Have a little taste of that.

(Franklin begins smoking the joint)

Barry: It's just a mellow, sophisticated high.

Franklin Clinton: Man this seems a little dry.

Barry: Can't you see the aliens?

Franklin Clinton: Man, what else are you takin'? Man, this shit is garbage.

Barry: Anyway, just get the stuff. It's a revolution. And then call me.

Franklin Clinton: Crazy motherfucker.

(Barry slumps down leaning against a wall)

Barry: San Andreas needs you. I'll text you where the stuff is. Go quick, before someone sees ya. And look out for the cops. And the monsters. They're everywhere!

Post mission text message

Barry: Thanks for joining the fight! Here are the deets for the pick-ups. Move fast and keep an eye out for cops... henchmen of the totalitarian regime!

Video walkthrough

Xbox 360 Version - GTASeriesVideos
(9 minutes and 57 seconds in)