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Grass Roots - Michael
Game GTA V
Protagonist Michael De Santa
For Barry
Objective Avoid being killed by aliens.
Target Aliens
Location Legion Square, Los Santos
Fail Leaving Legion Square
Unlocked by Complications
Pulling Favors
Achievements Solid Gold, Baby! (can be part of)

Grass Roots - Michael is a mission in Grand Theft Auto V given to Michael De Santa by Barry in Legion Square, Los Santos.


Michael De Santa, walking in Legion Square, Los Santos, is called over by Barry to sign his petition to legalize marijuana. Michael refuses and the two briefly discuss a recent vote, which resulted in marijuana not being legalized. As he is about to leave, Barry offers Michael a joint that he has grown himself, which Barry states does not cause paranoia or weirdness. After Michael has started smoking the joint he does say that he is concerned about 'the monsters'. Michael then begins to hallucinate that aliens attempting to kill him. Michael then begins to 'kill' the aliens attempting to kill him until the effects begin to wear off. Michael then discovers that Barry had continued talking about things such as globalization and the actions of liquor companies. Michael leaves after warning Barry to 'stay the fuck away from me'.

Secondary objectives

Objective Description
Unmarked Complete with minimal damage to health and body armor.
Kill Chain Kill seven aliens in ten seconds.


Barry: It doesn't kill brain cells, it blocks receptors!

(Barry notices Michael)

Barry: Excuse me, sir, can I talk to you for a second?

Michael De Santa: The fuck are you talking about?

Barry: I am talking about a hotline straight to heaven. That this state makes illegal. Yeah, this is what I'm talking about.

Michael De Santa: I don't give a fuck about reefer!

Barry: They rigged the vote, I saw ballots, it's a lie.

Michael De Santa: It's democracy at work, amigo.

Barry: Democracy can suck my fatty. Democracy only works when it lets intelligent people do what they want. This? This is tyranny by morons!

Michael De Santa: (laughs) Yeah... well, I got things to take care of in a little place called reality.

Barry: You wanna drag?

Michael De Santa: Nah, I'm not a drug guy.

Barry: This isn't bush weed, this is mana! I grow it myself, no paranoia, no weirdness. A passport to nirvana.

Michael De Santa: Fuck it, give me that thing.

Barry: Yeah here, you'll hardly feel it. Yeah I smoke all day and I'm fine. It's a pure mellow high.

(Michael begins smoking the joint)

Barry: But I do get concerned about the monsters. Yeah... I mean... (Michael begins hallucinating causing Barry's voice to change) I'm sure they're nothing serious, but ah... I never let them get too near.

Michael De Santa: Oh! The fuck... is that?

(Michael spots an alien)

Michael De Santa: Oh shit! What the hell are they?

(Michael kills a number of aliens)

Michael De Santa: You ain't taking me down!

(Michael continues killing aliens)

Michael De Santa: Never again. I'm not smoking anymore.

(Michael continues killing aliens)

Michael De Santa: Motherfuckers!

(Michael continues killing aliens)

Michael De Santa: Get the hell back!

(Michael continues killing aliens)

Michael De Santa: Where are you fuckers coming from?

(Michael continues killing aliens)

Michael De Santa: How the fuck did I get myself into this?

(Michael continues killing aliens)

Michael De Santa: You're not real! You're all in my mind!

(Michael continues killing aliens)

Michael De Santa: They're inside me.

(Michael continues killing aliens)

Michael De Santa: Stay away from me!

(Michael kills the last alien)

Michael De Santa: Are we finished yet? Any more of you freaks out there?

(The effects of the joint begin to wear off)

Michael De Santa: Ugh... oh, shit... I don't feel so good!

Barry: And after that you see, the liquor companies pushed for continued prohibition, which is complete insanity. So I take it I can count on your support?

Michael De Santa: The fuck just happened?

Barry: What are talking about? We discussed globalization, the state...

Michael De Santa: Stay the fuck away from me.

(Michael begins to walk away)

Barry: But it's a good cause...


  • Michael, while hallucinating and 'killing' aliens, is actually 'staggering around Legion Square... yelling shit about aliens' according to Jimmy De Santa.

Video walkthrough

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