Grass Roots - Trevor

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Grass Roots - Trevor
Game GTA V
Protagonist Trevor Philips
For Barry
Objective Avoid being killed by clowns.
Target Clowns
Location Legion Square, Los Santos
Fail Leaving Legion Square
Unlocked by Three's Company
Achievements Solid Gold, Baby! (can be part of)

Grass Roots - Trevor is a mission in Grand Theft Auto V given to Trevor Philips by Barry in Legion Square, Los Santos.


Trevor Philips, walking in Legion Square, Los Santos, is called over by Barry to sign his petition. Trevor asks what the petition is for and is told it is for the 'most important fight of all'. Trevor suggests the fight against poverty and AIDS, and animal welfare before eventually being told it is for the legalization of marijuana. Trevor angrily responds that he can not afford for the drug to be legalized as it would effect his income from selling it. Barry offers him a joint and Trevor begins to smoke. However, the potency of the drug begins to effect Trevor who starts hallucinating that clowns are attempting to kill him. Trevor 'kills' a number of the attacking clowns until the effects wear off and then finds that Barry had continued to talk to him about the petition while he was being 'attacked'. Trevor asks what 'that was' before stumbling away saying it 'was horrible'.

Secondary objectives

Objective Description
Pre-Emptive Strike Destroy four clown vans before they can generate clowns.
Greatest Dancer Kill six clowns while they are dancing.


Barry: How can possession of a vegetable be illegal?

(Barry spots Trevor walking towards him)

Barry: Can I get a signature, sir?

Trevor Philips: For what?

Barry: The most important fight of all.

Trevor Philips: Poverty?

Barry: No, another most important fight.

Trevor Philips: The AIDS?

Barry: No, no, another one.

Trevor Philips: Animal welfare?

Barry: Legalization! Here... sign. Shit, where's my pen? Where's my pen?

Trevor Philips: Legalization of what?

Barry: Of things the founding fathers took as a right. To consume medicinal plants.

Trevor Philips: Legalize smoke?

Barry: Yeah?

Trevor Philips: You fucking kidding me? I make a shit load selling that, alright? The last thing I can handle is legalization. Now fuck off!

Barry: Take a drag...

Trevor Philips: Nah, I-I-I don't smoke it anymore. Interferes with the speed.

Barry: No, it's really good weed...

Trevor Philips: Alright, give it here.

(Trevor begins smoking the marijuana)

Barry: Yeah... It's a real mellow, contemplative high, that comes from the earth.

(Trevor begins hallucinating)

Trevor Philips: Are those clowns over there?

(Trevor begins shooting the clowns)

Trevor Philips: What if this thing never wears off?

(Trevor continues killing clowns)

Trevor Philips: Is this one of those hidden camera shows?

(Trevor continues killing clowns)

Trevor Philips: You think I haven't killed a clown before?

(Trevor continues killing clowns)

Trevor Philips: I expected so much more from my psychosis!

(Trevor continues killing clowns)

Trevor Philips: See, now that's funny!

(Trevor continues killing clowns)

Trevor Philips: I've finally flipped! This is it!

(Trevor continues killing clowns)

Trevor Philips: Come on now, you're scaring the kids now!

(Trevor continues killing clowns and two clowns appear together)

Trevor Philips: Come on, what is this? Two for one now?

(Trevor continues killing clowns)

Trevor Philips: What the hell did I just smoke?

(Trevor continues killing clowns)

Trevor Philips: This is the best worst trip ever.

(Trevor continues killing clowns)

Trevor Philips: Wipe that smile off your face!

(Trevor kills the last of the clowns)

Trevor Philips: Yeah, who's laughing now? Ugh... spoke to soon... head spin... not good.

(Trevor's hallucination begins to end)

Barry: And I suppose that's why they want to keep us suppressed. Gosh, it's been really interesting talking to you.

Trevor Philips: What the fuck was that, huh? Was horrible...

(Trevor stumbles away)

Barry: Well, think about what I said.

Video walkthrough

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