Grove 4 Life

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Grove 4 Life
Game GTA San Andreas
For Sweet
Target Ballas territory
Location Los Santos
Reward $10,000, Respect
Unlocks Riot
Unlocked by Beat Down on B-Dup

Grove 4 Life is the 100th mission in Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas, given by Sean "Sweet" Johnson to protagonist Carl Johnson from his home in Grove Street, Ganton, Los Santos.

Mission Brief

Sweet is inside his house, talking to other Grove Street Families members about what's going on. Carl enters the scene. Sweet greets his brother, and talks about more important things. He says what they need to do to put Grove Street back on the map. Carl then complains, and says he has other commitments to fulfill. Sweet then reprimands CJ about always complaining, saying he leaves jobs halfway done. After a few more dialogues, CJ then gives in and says they'll do it in Sweet's way. Sweet then tells CJ his plan, to go in Ballas turf and claim it for themselves.


Drive Sweet and yourself to Idlewood, east of Ganton. After arriving at your destination, Sweet's health bar appears, and you have to start a gang war. After starting it, survive three waves of attacks to claim the hood for the Families. After claiming the hood, Sweet tells you to get one more hood from the Ballas. Head to any Ballas territory, and start another gang war. Survive three waves of attacks, then the hood is yours. After getting it, Sweet tells you to bail back to Grove Street. Head back to Sweet's house. Stop in the red marker. Sweet then gives you cut of the money from a Ballas gangster, which he undoubtedly claims it's drug money.


  • The reward is $10,000 and increased Respect.


  • If you have already taken all of Ballas territory by the time you start this mission, he will have you complete his mission on Vagos territory.
  • If you have already taken all of the gang territory in Los Santos, when Sweet starts you on this mission, a territory will belong to the Ballas again, just for the purposes of this mission.