Guardian Angels

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As soon as this mission starts, you will be told to got to a two-storey car park near a shopping mall. As soon as you grab the rifle lying there (marked with a pink arrow), a white Inferno will drive up to you and a man dressed in white will introduce himself as Lance Vance. You now have to drive him to another pink marker close to the Ocean Beach. There a car will arrive and Ricardo Diaz will come out and will be followed by two guards. You now have to go to the top of a building and wait as the Cubans arrive at the scene and suddenly Hatians attack, just as Diaz is making the deal. You have to gun down any Hatians you see. Climb back down, if you want, and an auto-targetting weapon is essential here. You have to take care that neither Lance, nor Diaz is killed during this mission, or else you will fail. Then, as the shootout ends, two Hatians on yellow Sanchezs will arrive and snatch Ricardo's money. Lance manages to shoot down one of the men. You can now grab his motorbike and set off after the the other man, who has the loot. You can shoot forwards at him or run him over with a car. After he is dead, grab the money and take your time to return to Diaz and finish the mission.