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Gun Runner
Game GTA Vice City
For Phil Cassidy
Target Pedro Garcia
Location Phil's Place
Reward $2000

Gun Runner is the first mission for Phil Cassidy in Grand Theft Auto: Vice City.



Phil Cassidy is pissed off. He's tired of his rival in gun running Pedro Garcia making more money than him, so Phil wants you to end his mexican empire of guns. You'll have to ambush his trucks containing guns he will deliver to a local Ammu-Nation, steal the guns and then kill him and his gun running henchmen.

The Mission

When the mission starts, quickly get in to the nearby Patriot parked in Phil's Place, then drive towards the targets. There are four trucks, two in Little Haiti and another two in Downtown. It's easier to first get the ones in Little Haiti.

Drive near the trucks and then get out of the Patriot (keep the Patriot in sight since if you turn around and walk away from it, it will dissappear) then pull out a sniper rifle and aim at the drivers of the trucks, snipe them and then snipe the gunman on top of one of the trucks, once their dead, get in the Patriot and ram the trucks until they drop their load, then get of the car and pick up the guns.

When you already have two guns, the mexicans will send back-up, Tec 9 wielding Faggio driving Mexicans will spawn endlessly and come after you, get in your car and drive towards the other targets.

This time you won't be able to snipe them since the back-up mexicans will be after you. This time just ram the guns of the trucks, pick them up, then pull out a rocket launcher or Minigun and blow up the trucks (The Downtown Truck with a gunman on it is being driven by Pedro Garcia and he will drive lot better than the other truckers).

Once you have the guns, you've killed the truckers and got rid of the trucks, the mission is complete.


(Phil's Place, Tommy Vercetti and Phil Cassidy).

Tommy: Phil?

Phil: RUN! RUN!


Phil: Hooowwwwwweeeeeee! Never get a naked flame too close to one of Phil Cassidy's boomshine stills!

Tommy: Shit, Phil. You drink that stuff?

Phil: Hell, you don't have to drink it. Just a good whiff will set you off. Hoowwweeee!

Tommy: Listen, Phil. You said you could fix me up with some firepower...

Phil: Sure thing. There's some Mexican gun runner, been doing me for business of late. He does his weekly run about now. Ram his hardware off the back of his trucks before he goes to ground. And you'd be doing me a favor while you're at it. Then finish him off!

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