Happiness Island

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Happiness Island, as seen towards the south.

Happiness Island is an island in the water surrounding Liberty City, officially part of the borough of Algonquin. It is Liberty City's most southerly point. It is based on the real-life Liberty Island, complete with its own version of the Statue of Liberty, called the Statue of Happiness. Niko will kill either Dimitri Rascalov or James Pegorino on Happiness Island, depending on the ending the player choose.

Unlike the real-life Liberty Island, Happiness Island has only a light police presence; if the player gains a wanted level, no reinforcements will arrive (apart from Police Mavericks and Annihilators), as the island is isolated from the mainland, and Predator patrol-boats cannot dock to transport foot police.) The island is large enough for the player to escape from a one-star Wanted search radius on foot if they stay out of sight of police, which is useful for players hunting the six pigeons on the island. But in The Balland of Gay Tony, there are several officers at the dock at throughout the island with M4 Carbine rifles.

There are forklifts on the south-eastern side of the island; a Faggio and a randomly-spawned vehicle can be found to the south.

Happiness Island is a great location for Team Deathmatch, as one can trap the enemy team on either of the 2 piers. This can easily result in 100-kill games in an Assault Rifles-only match. Trapped opponents may escape using the boats at the piers, however.


  • There are six pigeons located on the Statue of Happiness.
  • The "Happiness is...land" sweater is obtained on Happiness Island.
  • In Grand Theft Auto: Chinatown Wars there are no vehicles on Happiness Island, and no way to take them across. The only way to get them across is to hail a Taxi and set a GPS waypoint for the dealer Osama. Skip the journey, and you have a vehicle on Happiness Island.
  • There is a Easter Egg located in Happiness Island. You'll need a helicoptor. To go to the statue, and jump out to the highest level under the feet, unaccessible from the ground. When you get there, get to a sign where says: No Hidden Content This Way. Then go through the door. There is ladders leading upwards. Climb them about 2 levels, and you see a massive, beating heart, called The Heart of Liberty City.